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Real Estate Attorney Jobs

Being a Real Estate Lawyer

Being a real estate lawyer

Many people who go into the field of law want to become criminal attorneys, such as prosecutors or defense attorneys. Or they want to go into civil law and file lawsuits or defend against. But one area of law that always seems to be growing and has plenty of jobs is the field of real estate law.

What is real estate law?
Real estate law is pretty self-explanatory. A real estate transfer seems pretty simple on the surface. You agree to a price to pay for a piece of property, sign a contract, the deal closes and then you own the house or commercial building. But beneath the surface, it is much more complex, and lawyers are often involved in those complexities. For instance, the title of the property has to be researched and ensured that it is clear of any liens, such as a lawsuit or tax lien. It also has to be confirmed that the way the property is described in its legal description.

What do real estate lawyers do?
Real estate lawyers often act as utility players in the real estate business. They may work for commercial or residential real estate companies and look over contracts to make sure they are favorable. They may keep track of licensing requirements for agents and brokers. When companies or individuals are looking to get a variance or zoning change, they often hire a lawyer to represent them at hearings in front of the appropriate city agency. If there are disputes in a real estate deal, a real estate attorney may be called in to argue the dispute in court.

Real estate attorneys often have very stable jobs that pay well, and while real estate law can be complex and often-changing it can be a challenging and rewarding career. For more source click on Real Estate Attorney Jobs.