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Real Estate Attorney Jobs

Real Estate Attorney Jobs Available

If you are an aspiring attorney, real estate is a field of specialization you might want to consider. There are a number of different Real Estate Attorney Jobs industry.

Residential real estate


Attorneys specializing in residential real estate may do a number of things. People who choose to sell their home without a real estate agent often turn to a real estate attorney to help them with their closing to ensure they make all the necessary legal moves. An attorney specializing in residential real estate might also help homeowners who are facing foreclosure or the prospect of a short sale. Another thing such attorneys may be involved in are civil suits between property owners.

Commercial real estate


Commercial real estate is a field that offers many more opportunities for real estate lawyers. Developers and builders often hire attorneys who specialize in real estate to help them through the zoning and planning processes in cities where they hope to build apartments, office buildings, hotels and manufacturing plants. Such attorneys often file the necessary applications and shepherd them through the process, including attending any public meetings as necessary.

Attorneys specializing in commercial real estate often are employed by large companies, and they work on all the property-related issues the company has. That might include negotiating leases for office or other space as well as negotiating the sale or purchase of owned property. They also might be tapped to work with a locality if the company is looking to build or expand a facility.

Being a real estate attorney is not likely to provide you with a lot of exciting courtroom battles, but it is a stable legal career that pays well and generally is in demand.